Why should you consume Dahi Vada in summer, you will be surprised to know these benefits


Do you like to eat curd vada during the festive season? Read on to find out more healthy reasons to have them this summer.
Curd vada is a sume for healthy reasons
Said, popular dish originating in India is liked by almost everyone. It is basically a chaat recipe, prepared with urad dal, curd and spices of spices. It naturally cools the body and prepares it to fight against hot summer days.

It is mostly prepared during the festive season in India. While in some states people have curd vada during Diwali, in others, there is a curd vada on Holi. Do you know this century old recipe, mentioned in the 12th century Sanskrit encyclopedia, which is very good for your health? If not, read on to find out how!

Keeps you from overwriting

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We know that once you have a yogurt vada, you don’t feel like stopping. But, Dahi Vada is a tasty dish by itself and therefore, you should stop eating more than you want. This is because curd vada is a rich source of low-fat yogurt. It keeps your stomach full, and gives you the energy to stay till your next meal. Dahi vada should be eaten as a snack between two meals. This will aid proper digestion, without you craving too much food.

Good for your bone health
Rich in calcium, curd vada is one of the best recipes for taking care of your bone and teeth. To live a healthy life, you must take care of your bones. If not, you will end up with knee, joint, back pain. Not only will your movements be restricted due to pain, but you are also likely to feel less healthy. If you do not consume other sources of milk directly, then yogurt vada, which is delicious and very healthy, contains abundant amounts of protein and calcium.

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Loses weight

Are you tired of eating salads, juices and herbal teas? It is time to shake things up a bit. Include a limited amount of curd vada in your daily diet to lose weight. The calcium present in it will trigger reduced production of cortisol, which further helps in weight loss. However, for better results, mix such meals with workouts as well. After all, one cannot lose weight without burning extra calories.

Provides energy to the body
If you are focusing on more physical activities (ways to improve your posture) nowadays, or just get tired quickly, then you can rely on Dahi Vada for energy. It is a natural energy booster, which also keeps you cool from the inside. Yogurt vada is full of vitamins and minerals, besides being a very rich source of antioxidants. All these factors make dahi vada not only one of the tastiest, but also one of the healthiest foods.

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Improve immune system

During the current epidemic of novel coronaviruses (COVID-19 positive celebrities), we all must take care of our health in the best way. Apart from wearing and sanitizing face masks, attention should also be paid to strengthening the immune system. Curd is vada, which is also one of the best probiotic foods. It fights infections and protects blood cells to keep you strong.



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