Why does eating white rice increase weight? Learn healthy ways to cook to keep weight control

It is advisable to leave rice first to lose weight but if you like rice a lot and have a portion of miles daily, it becomes very difficult to give up rice. According to dieticians, weight can be reduced by eating rice, but for this, the most important thing is to eat rice properly.

Why does eating white rice increase weight
White rice is refined, has a high amount of carbohydrates, and the fiber in it is also lost during the rice preparation process. The glycemic index of rice increases as the fiber is removed during the refining process. This is the reason that if a large amount of rice is consumed, there can definitely be a risk of obesity and many chronic diseases.

Eat rice in a single mile
Try to have only one serving of rice in a single mile. This will reduce your calorie intake because the amount of carbohydrates in rice is already high, so do not eat anything else in the food plate that has more carb.



Cook rice with vegetables
Cook your favorite vegetables in rice. Vegetables contain a lot of protein and fiber, which will help keep your stomach full for longer. To make rice healthy, you can add beans, capsicum, broccoli, tofu, cheese and chicken etc.

Do not fry rice
Neither fry the rice nor mix it with cream. Always cook it by boiling it with water. When cooking rice, also throw away excess water. This will remove the starch present in the rice.

Eat brown rice
If you want to eat rice twice a day, then eat brown rice instead of white rice. It reduces the amount of fat and starch, which helps control weight.




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