When is Good Friday, know why it is not given to wish each other on this day?


Good Friday 2021: Like Christmas, Good Friday is also of great importance in the Christian community and is also one of the most important festivals. This year Good Friday is being celebrated on 02 April. Good Friday is also known as ‘Holy Friday’ or ‘Great Friday’. That is, this festival is known by different names in different countries.

Why is Good Friday celebrated

As you know, Christian communities believe in Jesus Christ and were crucified on this day. That is, Good Friday is not a festival of happiness. But he was resurrected only three days after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, in whose joy Easter Sunday is celebrated. Because ‘Good Friday’ is celebrated by Christianity as ‘Day of Mourning’, the biggest question that comes to many people’s minds is that on the day Jesus was crucified, that day is called ‘Good’ How can I be called good?

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In fact, in the Christian community it is believed that Jesus gave his life for the good of his community, so this day is addressed as ‘Good’. Because this day falls on Friday, it is called ‘Good Friday’. Celebrate this day as their sacrifice day.

How was the name Good Friday?

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According to Christianity, Jesus is the son of God. He was sentenced to death to overcome the darkness of ignorance. To appease the hardliners, Pilate orders Jesus to be hanged on the cross and killed. They were segregated in many ways, but Jesus kept praying for them, ‘O God! Forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing. ‘

Friday was the day that Christ was hanged on the cross. Since then, that day came to be known as Good Friday.

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How is Good Friday Celebrated?

People of the Christian community celebrate Good Friday on a large scale. Prayers and fasting are started in their homes 40 days in advance of Good Friday. Vegetarian food is eaten on the fast of Good Friday. When fasting ends 40 days later, people go to church on Good Friday and mourn by remembering their Messiah. On this day a special explanation is given to the last things of Jesus, which focuses on sacrifice, forgiveness, help and harmony.



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