Wear your old white shirt in summer, these five ways, will feel new every time


In summer, those who wear white clothes are relaxed, while the eyes of those who see them also do not have this color. In such a situation, if you have an old white shirt and you are bored by wearing it, then you can bring newness by changing the way you wear it with different bottom wear or by wearing a shirt. By doing this, your look will look different as well as no one will know that it is your same old shirt.

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White shirt and pencil skirt
You can wear a white shirt with a nice pencil cut skirt. This look looks very cool in summer. If going with friends, you can also wear a shirt with a denim skirt and if going to the office, a shirt can be worn with a plain colored skirt for a formal look.

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OnePeace and White Shirt
If you have a one piece of colorful half sleeves, you can wear it with a white shirt. Wearing one piece in this way will make your look completely different as well as you will also avoid tanning from the sun. Remember do not keep the caller button open while doing so.

Make white shirt top
You can also wear your white shirt as a top. Keep the top three to four buttons of the shirt open. Turn the collar inside. Now wear the shirt from here to the shoulders. Attach the rest of the buttons from the front and fasten the sleeves to the wrist. By doing this it will feel very cool. Do not use your very fitting shirt for this.

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