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Jacqueline Fernandez is one of the top actresses in the industry and is known for her fearless fashion sense, perfect physique and her amazing lifestyle. Apart from his acting talent, there is a lot for Jacqueline with the help of which she has made her way to the headlines.

Jacqueline also likes to make videos about her lifestyle in addition to films in which she covers her life and some routines, including beauty, fitness, and loves to talk about all things. So if you are someone who aspires to be like Jacqueline, then tuning into her Youtube channel will definitely help you. In one of her latest posts, she also talked about her morning routine and we thought about breaking it down for you. Therefore, read and learn all about Jacqueline’s morning routine.

Start of the day at 5:00 am
Being a morning person has a lot of benefits and, given Jacqueline’s tight schedule, he wakes up at 5:00 am every day and prioritizes his health. By waking up at 5, your body can follow its natural cycle and you remain super active and fresh throughout the day. Not only this, waking up early gives you a lot of time for yourself and also helps you in increasing your productivity.

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Heading for the day with a cup of coffee

After waking up, brushing, and washing her face, Jacqueline helps her one day fully wake up with a cup of strong coffee. Her morning coffee / bulletproof coffee is ready in 5–10 minutes and then she takes the mug and has a beautiful view from her house, she loves it with a calm and serene mind.

Adding notes to his journal

While drinking coffee and taking in the natural beauty of nature, Jacqueline makes a point to write down the things she has to do on that particular day and add notes about the day to her magazine. Writing in a magazine is a really great habit. This makes your day plans even better and helps you give proper time for every task in a day.

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Morning workout
After relaxing and waking yourself up in a light coffee session by the window, you have to move forward in the day with full vigor and force and for this, you have to dedicate an hour to work. You will feel super refreshed after exercising and it will also contribute in making your muscles and body healthy.

A walk with the woods

After a workout you may have some time to experience your unity with nature. So you can either take a walk in a nearby park or take a walk in the middle of the forest when something is nearby. Breathing in fresh air will make your lungs healthy and strong.

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Skin care routine
After completing her workout, Jacqueline likes to give her skincare some time (Jacqueline’s skincare routine). She uses a photo facial machine that she can control with her phone and adds a hyaluronic acid-infused mask to the machine and starts massaging her skin. This process is super easy and mess-free and makes her ski thicker, improves blood circulation, and brightens the skin. She picks up her outfit of the day while kissing on her face and after the work is done she is ready to go to work.


Jacqueline loves almond flour pancakes and often prefers them for breakfast (why there are cornflakes for breakfast). She quickly eats her breakfast before leaving for work and that’s it! All his morning routine decoded for you.



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