Useful tips before Holi festival


The most colorful festival of India is here and probably the most loved by foreigners. Yes, many people have “experience of Holi in India” on their bucket lists. The most colorful festival is finally here but skincare is important to keep in mind. In celebration of Holi, we play with synthetic elements in some colors and of course, we end up using other materials that can have harmful effects on the skin and hair.

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Therefore, keep in mind some special tips for skin and hair protection before and after the colorful ceremonies. To keep your skin and hair safe it is important that here are the top useful and easy tips for pre-Holi celebrations.

* Apply coconut throughout the body.

* Apply mustard oil on hair and oily fingers, near the nails and behind the ears.
* Apply oil-based, waterproof and SPF above 25 sunscreen after oiling your body
* Apply dark shade nail paint so that your nails are protected as well

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* Wash and cut wounds immediately and apply ice on them, clean them with antibacterial lotion.

* Use herbal colors at home with flowers or make a color
* Change wet clothes as soon as possible. If you are playing with dry colors, wash your face and hands regularly



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