Troubled by hair fall, it will get rid of amazing yoga


Effective Yoga Poses to Reduce Hair Fall: The first effect of the changing season is on the person’s skin and hair. Problems such as hair fall, dryness and dandruff become troublesome for a person as the weather changes. Lack of nutrition and lack of proper blood circulation in the body leads to problems such as hair fall. Let us know how you can get rid of hair loss by doing some asanas.

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Sarvangasana-Through this asana, blood and oxygen flow in the brain in a better way. Due to which the problem of hair loss is overcome and mental stress is also reduced to a great extent.

HeadIt is called headstand because of the head movements done. Shikharasana is an asana, due to which the blood circulation is good throughout the body, due to getting rid of many diseases, hair loss is also reduced.

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While doing this asana, a person becomes a rabbit-like figure, that’s why it is called Sashakasana. By doing Shashankasana the stress of the person is reduced. Which is a cause of hair loss.


Pranayama is a breathing exercise that removes stress and increases blood circulation in the body.

Ustrasana is an effective way to overcome the problem of falling, dry and lifeless hair.

Emphysema not only prevents hair fall but also helps in increasing the nutrition of the body.

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Kapalbhati –
Kapalbhati helps to deliver extra oxygen to the brain, thereby resolving problems related to the brain such as hair loss.

Setubandh posture-
People desiring strong hair should do Sethubandha asana regularly. This asana improves blood flow in the body.

By doing bhastrika, problems related to stress, nervous system can be eliminated. Which can be a cause of hair loss.



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