To increase the length, start practicing this asana from today


Tadasana is also known as mountain pose. Tadasana is one of the earliest asanas practiced by yoga instructors because it is very easy to do, as well as its health benefits. Tadasana not only makes your whole body flexible by stretching, it also helps you in increasing the length. Let’s know the right way to do Tadasana and its benefits.

Right way to do Tadasana-
First of all, you should stand upright and keep some distance between the legs. Keep both hands upright near your body. Taking a deep breath, raise both your arms above the head and tie your fingers together. Keep hands straight and stretch. Stand on your toes while raising your heel. During this time, your body should feel stretched from the feet to the fingers of the hands. Pull the body upwards. Keep breathing deeply for 25- 30 seconds in this state.

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Benefits of doing Tadasana-

Tadasana helps in increasing the length in youth.

-Tadasana provides relief in back pain.

– People whose body is tilted forward, they get correct posture by regular practice of this asana.

– Regular practice of this asana increases flexibility in the body, as well as balance.

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– Waking up early in the morning and doing Tadasana daily helps to maintain mental peace.

These people should not meditate –
People suffering from low blood pressure problem and pregnant women should not do this asana. Otherwise, this asana is very easy as well as beneficial, so people of all ages can do this asana.

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