Those who want to live long, avoid getting angry at this time, they have a bad effect on health.


If you have to prolong your lifespan and stay healthy, then stop being angry at night. American researchers have said that sleeping in a state of anger at night is not good for your health at all. He said that by forgetting any kind of quarrel at night, sleeping with a calm mind will not only prolong your life, but you will also remain healthy.

The findings have been released by scientists at Oregon State University after conducting their study on 2022 people. The age of the participants involved in the study ranged between 33 and 84 years. After this, they were monitored for eight days. During this time, the researchers made questions and answers about their feelings and experiences before going to sleep.

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In the findings of the study, researcher Robert Tavsky said that by settling the day’s fights before going to sleep at night, its effect is not visible on the second day, so that negative things do not dominate your mind and you remain mentally healthy.

On the contrary, the things related to quarreling by sleeping in the night by quarreling remain in the mind and they play an important role in increasing tension. It is said that every human being has to face stress at some time, it cannot be stopped completely.

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But, it can be tried to reduce it to some extent so that you can stay healthy. The study also found that, on average, older people aged 68 years or older try to forget negative things quickly, compared to those 45 years of age.



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