This summer dish of cucumber

In this summer season no one will like to eat fried things, so make something that will keep your body cool in this season. Now, if you do not know what to prepare immediately, we ask you to cool the cucumber as it is very cold and beneficial even in summer. A cucumber cooler will make you feel refreshed in summer.

Ingredients – Cucumber – two pieces, lemon juice – two teaspoons, ginger – one small piece, sugar – two tablespoons, roasted cumin powder – one teaspoon, peppermint leaf – two to three tablespoons, black and white salt – as per taste , Snow-capped



Method of preparation – Wash and clean the cucumber. Now place this cucumber in a juicer along with the peel. Add ginger and mint and also extract their juice. Now add lemon juice, roasted cumin powder, black and white salt, stir it well, and serve it after it has been cooled with frozen ice.




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