This shocking video of a squirrel and a snake is going viral on social media

Victory in a battle is said to be achieved only with courage and passion. For which your name or strength does not matter. A video to describe it was seen on social media, in which there was such a bloody battle between a snake and a squirrel that the snake playing with the squirrel was overwhelmed. There is no doubt that snakes always fill their stomachs by hunting a small animal or a large animal. But for snakes, a single task is very counterproductive.


Recently, a video has become increasingly viral on social media, and you can clearly see in this video that a snake saw a squirrel at some place. Seeing the squirrel, the snake mouth gets water and goes to hunt the squirrel. The squirrel also saw a snake. The squirrel was also waiting for the snake to come like him and vent his anger on him. The first snake attacks the squirrel.

Where it is discovered that the squirrel somehow saves his life. The snake was trying to make the squirrel its prey several times, not once. But due to the cleverness of the squirrel, every snake attack becomes useless. The snake once again swings the squirrel with full force, but the snake makes a mistake here. As the snake moves forward to pat the squirrel, the squirrel grabs the snake and starts pressing harder. Because of which the snake’s mouth bursts and what the squirrel does after that, you will not only be surprised but also will not be able to stop your laughter. After the snake breaks its mouth, the squirrel repeatedly rubs its mouth on its mouth. Not only this, by watching this video you will come to know that finally the snake dies.




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