This place of Himachal Pradesh is very beautiful, can plan with friends


Kamru Fort
Kamru Fort is situated on the banks of Dangi Valley and is known for its magnificent architecture. Here you can spend a moment of peace and the views around here win the hearts of tourists.

Shaur is a bridge in the Dangi valley, which floats on the icy cold river. This icy cold river can be enjoyed by this bridge. If you like to click photos, then this place is also very suitable for this. If you are planning a trip to Himachal, then this place must be included in your list, so that you can make your trip memorable and spectacular.

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Mandal Basan Devi Temple
Mandal Basan Devi Temple is located in Dangi Valley, which is dedicated to Mindhal Devi. Every year a large number of devotees reach here and seek blessings from the Mother Rani. The belief of this temple is that the wish sought here is definitely fulfilled.

Fort is a place where you will get to see many panoramic views of nature. Kilad is a picturesque place situated in a narrow passageway near the river Chenav. Where a large number of tourists reach every year and enjoy the views here.

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