This Bhojpuri song by Akshara Singh created a buzz, the video got millions of views


Bhojpuri films which have created a stir in the world of acting, popular actress Akshara Singh is continuously making a place in the hearts of people with her superb singing. His songs are liked by the audience. A special Bhojpuri song of Akshara Singh is being searched a lot these days.

The lyrics are ‘Mor Lipwa Se Nathunia Gulel Karela …’ This Bhojpuri song has been sung by Akshara Singh and has been filmed there as well. In this song, Akshara Singh has also done a great dance. This video of Akshara Singh has received 62 lakh views on YouTube so far. Vishal Singh has also worked with Akshara in this song. This Bhojpuri song is from the 1977 film Dangal which has been remixed in the voice of Akshara Singh. The original version of this Bhojpuri song has been sung by popular singer Asha Bhosle.

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Also, the music of the song was composed by Nadeem-Shravan and written by Kulwant Jani. At the same time, some of the best changes have been made in the music of the new remix Bhojpuri Song, adding the melody of the serpent, which makes the new song different from the old song. Its music has been given by Ashish Verma and Ashish Verma has also changed the lyrics. In this song, Akshara Singh is looking very beautiful.

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