These dangerous diseases can occur due to not keeping the teeth and mouth clean, be cautious


Talk about diseases caused by teeth, so the thing to think about is why teeth are damaged. Before understanding this, it is important to know what teeth are. The teeth are not made of bone, but are made up of different densities and hard tissues or tissues. Nowadays, due to adulteration in different types of foods, people are seeing dental diseases on a large scale. Let’s know about some similar diseases of teeth …

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1. halitosis

Halitosis is commonly known as halitosis. Mouth odor is one of the most embarrassing dental problems. This can cause social embarrassment. Dentures can also cause damage due to halitosis.

2. pyrea

Pyorrhea occurs due to lack of calcium in the body, malfunctioning of the gums and lack of cleanliness of the teeth and mouth. In this disease, the gums become flabby and spoil and blood comes from them. Pyorrhea is also believed to be the cause of bad breath. Bad breath starts. The teeth become loose or the position of the teeth changes. Chewing food causes pain.

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3. Cavity

In this, insects are found in the teeth, which gradually weaken the teeth. These diseases especially occur when food is stuck on the teeth. This disease is found more in children who eat too much chocolate, toffee. In this disease, the teeth become weak and fall apart.

4. Hypodantia

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There is an abnormality of teeth in which more than 6 or 6 primary teeth, fixed teeth or both types of teeth are not developed. It is a genetic disease.



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