These are four reasons why you are tired of video meetings, revealed in research by Stanford


In this era of work from home, video meetings on zoom and other apps have become an important part of work. But most people find this meeting quite exhausting and they feel that their day-long energy is exhausted. But people themselves do not understand why they are so tired in the video meeting. The use of the word zoom fatig has started only after the corona epidemic. Researchers have found the reason for this fatigue ie zoom burst-

Research from Stanford University suggests that there are four main reasons for zoom bursting.

1. Contacting more closely and with full force (talking with eyes). It seems that everyone is watching you. This feeling is like speaking on the stage in the midst of people.

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2. Seeing yourself in real time during a video meeting is a very tiring experience. A lot of research suggests that looking at yourself in the mirror has negative emotional consequences. To avoid this, you can apply Hyde Self View mode by going to Settings.

3. Long video chat dramatically reduces our mobility.

4. The cognitive load in video chat is very high. You can switch to audio only mode in between.

Research on the psychological impact of the platform

Professor Jeremy Belsen is the director of the Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab and studies the psychological impact of these platforms. Belsen explained that he wanted to know why people are feeling so tired just sitting in front of the computer during a video meeting. It is important to know that video meetings are being used more everywhere. Last year, only in the month of March, there have been 200 million video meetings worldwide on just zoom. Now a year has passed since the lockdown, but many companies still continue to work from home. Belsen is the director of the Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab and studies the psychological impact of these platforms.

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According to Jeremy Belsen, video conferencing is a very good medium for remote communication, but you do not necessarily always use it. In video conferencing the eye is sticky and it is tedious.

Try these options instead of frequent video meetings –

1. Email-Next time you go to a video meeting, please give complete information on the mail. This will not make the video meeting longer.

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2. Direct message-Do not hesitate to send a direct message to someone.

3. Record the video-If you have to train, then you may have to have many meetings, but you can avoid this tedious process by making a video of your training.

4. Start thread chat-Do not hold a meeting every time to know the status. Instead you can start a thread on any chat app. Do not waste your precious time to get general updates.

5. Create a FAQ Dock – If you want to answer many common questions, then instead of talking to many people, make a one-page dock.



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