These 5 superfoods keep you healthy in Summer


Summer season has arrived. It is important to take great care of health in this season. In fact, if there is any negligence in the diet, it is a risk of serious illness. Some health experts say that some things eaten in the summer have a lot of health benefits. Things you should eat in summer.

Torai – It is said that the vegetable of Torai must be eaten in the summer season because the Torai contains fiber called pectin which is good for heart health. It also reduces cholesterol.

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Apples, figs and pears – all three are rich in fiber. They contain nutrients that are also in the peels, so eat them with peels. Wash them thoroughly before eating.

Blackberry and raspberry- berries are a good source of fiber according to experts. It is rich in Vitamin C. Actually, 8 grams of fiber is found in one cup of berries.

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Watermelon- Watermelon should be eaten in summer as it helps to cool the body and remove dehydration. Actually watermelon is high in water and does not cause hunger soon after eating it.

Orange- According to experts, the amount of potassium in oranges is very high, which is considered essential in the summer season. In fact, in summer, potassium leaks out through sweat, causing muscle cramps to begin. That is why orange should be eaten in this season.

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