The young man had to fight a woman, became dumb

People fight among themselves and many cases of quarrel arise. Although a similar case has come up recently but something has happened in it that will surprise everyone. The case is of the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. This case is being reported for the year 2019. The case began with a street fight and ended with a seagull flying with a tongue.

James McKenzie, who was on the road, had a fight with 27-year-old Bethany Ryan over something. The two did not know each other. Meanwhile, during the fight, Bethany comes close to James and kisses his lips. Meanwhile, while kissing, Bethany Ryan pressed and bitten James’s tongue with her teeth. According to reports, Bethany’s pressure was so strong that James’s tongue was cut off. Bethany then spits him out and a seagull (bird) going nearby flees with him.



James was then taken to the hospital in critical conditions, but surgery could not be performed. This is because his tongue could not be found. In this way James became dumb forever. After all this, James lodged an FIR against Bethany. According to the report published in a website, the case was being heard in Edinburgh Sheriff Court. There, James’ lawyer Suzanne Dixon told everything in court. Finally, the court found Bathani guilty. In this case, the court said, ‘This case is quite serious. Due to this, the culprits will be punished after conducting a thorough investigation in the case. ‘




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