The royal banquet of 150 dogs was organized in this village, an event organized sadly

Datia: A unique ceremony was organized at Kevleri village in Datia district of Madhya Pradesh. By now you must have seen humans eating food from a plate, but this news is something in which people arrived to feed the dogs. The organizers received plates of pure ghee, poverty, kheer and boondi, which were given to the dogs who came to eat with the invitation. This unique event took place at Kevalari in Datia block, about seven kilometers from the district headquarters.

The story of organizing a dog feast is absolutely unique. Bhagwat Katha was organized in Kevalari. Bhandare was organized in the village at the conclusion of the Bhagwat Katha. In which Ramji Ahirwar saw dogs licking plates, which he did not like. Two-three days ago, Ramji again saw dogs licking and molesting him in his dream. So they decided to give food to the dogs. When Ramji told other villagers in this regard, he too expressed happiness by agreeing to organize the event.



After this, on Wednesday morning Ramji went to the village and invited those who had dogs here. In the evening, the people of the Dalit colony reached Ramji’s house to feed their dogs. Ramji, with the help of himself and other villagers, put a plate there and made the dogs eat delicious food. During this time, about one hundred and fifty dogs looted. Apart from providing food to the dogs in the township, Ramji served food to the dogs roaming the fields, barns and roads.




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