Take some natural remedies to enhance your skin


Today every person wants to look beautiful, whether we talk about women or men and youth. Everyone keeps trying new things to get beautiful skin. But especially for every woman, beauty is more than jewelery, so beauty and woman can never be separated from each other. Every woman wants to look beautiful from head to toe, but it is not so easy, because sometimes a little bit of unseen takes away your beauty. Therefore, to maintain its beauty, it is important to pay attention to the skin, so that even the old age is covered. Skin is sensitive, meaning allergy gets worse quickly by dust, sunlight, so use a cleanser that is aromatic and hypoallergenic.

Mix one egg white and one big spoon honey in one big spoon of curd and apply it on the face after making a paste. Then wash after drying, the pack is good for mixed skin.

According to the skin, make a home pack like grated 4-5 strawberries, mix one big spoonful of pea or starch and apply it on the face, it will bring dry skin to life.

How is your skin Meaning if your skin is dry, stretched, looks dull and lifeless then clean your face with a creamy cleanser.

If the skin is normal and more oily and dry then clean the skin with a cleansing cream.

If the skin is mixed means a mixture of oily and dry, then use a special cleanser and a water-based moisturizer.

If the skin is oily or brighter than normal, wash the face several times with a mild liquid cleanser, or use an alcohol-containing agent.

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