Sweat away the smell of sweat in this way


The scent of sandalwood fills the mind with peace and tranquility. There are many types of sandalwood, but two red and white sandalwoods can be used. The properties of red sandalwood are more beneficial than white sandalwood. It is cold in nature and helps in eliminating inflammation and irritation. Also, the use of red sandalwood provides mental peace.

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1- Red sandalwood contains ingredients that remove wrinkles from your skin easily. In addition to detoxing the skin, it also has the properties of hiding age marks.

2- To avoid dry skin, a mixture of milk and honey, red sandalwood is applied on your face. And after 20 minutes wash it with water. Red sandalwood powder can be added to massage oil to improve skin tone.

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3- Sweating in the summer season, but if you sweat too much and smell from the body, then red sandalwood powder will reduce the sweat by adding water to the body. This can make you feel refreshed for hours.

4 – Blister is formed on the burnt skin, and the blister explodes in the wound. If the blister has become a wound due to burns, then red sandalwood fills the wound in some time and there is no burn marks.

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