Special dish made from moong dal


You must have made this special dish of green moong dal. If not, learn this nutritious recipe

Ingredients – green moong dal – one cup, ginger – one teaspoon, green chilli – one, green coriander – two tablespoons, green garlic – two tablespoons, salt – as per taste, native ghee or butter – for frying.

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Method of preparation – Wash and clean green moong dal and soak it in water for two and a half hours. Then drain its water. Now separate two tablespoons of soaked lentils and grind the remaining lentils finely. Now add soaked lentils, finely chopped ginger, green chillies, green coriander, green garlic, and salt to the ground lentils and mix well. Now with the help of a spoon of this mixture make a medium sized pancake on the hot pit and fry it well by applying butter or country ghee on both the sides. Serve the prepared pasrattu with coconut chutney, curd, pickle or green chutney.

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