Some benefits and drawbacks of using talcum powder for the skin


The summer season is here and now is the time to add some essential items like talcum powder to your backpack. Talakam powder is actually a protector at the moment as it helps in relieving itching and other problems caused by heat during the summer season. Not only that, but it also has many other uses in our daily life making it one of the most useful beauty / daily use products. But talcum powder has taken a backseat in the last few years.

This is most likely due to the possible side effects that this item has on our health and skin. Although we all know that there are advantages about using talcum powder but its use can be associated with cancer and other skin disorders. Therefore, below are some of the important benefits, uses, and side effects of talcum powder.

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Benefits and Uses of Talc Powder

Too much moisture on the skin can also cause discomfort and irritation, but talcum powder can save you here. The powder has the ability to absorb unnecessary moisture present on your skin and therefore makes it super smooth and frictionless. This in turn can help reduce the risk of fungal infection as well as the production of sweat.

Great antiperspirant
Talcum powder as we know is a great antiperspirant and helps to absorb the excessive sweat that we usually have during the summer. It keeps your skin dry, cool and cool and gives off a sweet scent by reducing the odor of sweat.

Works as a dry shampoo
Talcum powder can also have its uses as a dry shampoo. If your hair becomes oily due to dirt, you can simply sprinkle some talcum powder on the roots and your hair will be as good as newly washed.

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For bedsheet
When your bedsheets become useless for a long time, they start irritating your skin due to which you are unable to sleep (these bedsheets improve the quality of your sleep). So, just take some talcum powder and spread it on the bedsheet, it will make the bedsheet feel super soft and you will be able to sleep comfortably without any stress.

Some side effects of talcum powder
It can dry out your skin

Long or regular use of talcum powder can actually reduce the production of natural oils in the skin (guide essential oils). This, in turn, will dry out the skin and can lead to problems such as flaky skin and completely more sensitive skin.

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There may be problems
Talcum powder contains mineral talc and if this mineral talc gets through an open wound under your skin or goes into the eyes, it can cause a lot of problems. It can cause irritation and redness in the skin and eyes and is also not considered healthy for your body.

Talcum powder can cause cancer

Numerous studies done on talcum powder indicate that the product may not be as safe as it is marketed. This product may be associated with various types of cancer such as ovarian cancer and other serious conditions such as mesothelioma. So you should be very careful while selecting talcum powder, you should also consider limiting the use of talcum powder in view of the health hazards.



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