Smartphone will provide relief from diseases, not harm to eyes, study reveals


People blame the smartphone for all the problems of the eyes, but now this smartphone can also prove to be helpful for you. Indeed, the researchers reported that the initial symptoms of glaucoma in the eye can be detected first with the help of soundwaves, which may help prevent blindness and other serious eye problems from occurring.

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A study published in Engineering Reports reported that scientists at Birmingham University, UK, successfully carried out their experiment using soundwaves and an eye model.

Khamis Essa, director of the Advanced Manufacturing Group at the university, said that we have discovered the relationship between an object’s internal pressure and its acoustic reflection coefficient. Upon further study of the texture of the eyes and their response to soundwaves, we found that smartphones could potentially be used to determine IOP at home.

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Please tell that glaucoma is a disease of the optic system, due to which 7.96 crore people are affected worldwide. If not treated properly, it has many more serious disadvantages. In most cases of glaucoma, blindness can be prevented with the right treatment and control.

Soundwaves can detect disease soon
Soundwaves used for the mobile measurement method are helpful in detecting the increased amount of glaucoma intraocular pressure (IOP), which will lead to early detection of the disease and accordingly early treatment.

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