Shakuni Mama made dice from her father’s bone, know even more shocking secrets

Mahabharata is a great saga. Every character was important in this great saga. Today we are going to tell you about a character of Mahabharata who is famous for his devious intelligence. We are talking about Shakuni Mama. People also call him the villain of Mahabharata. Shakuni Mama was full of deceit, fraud and misdeeds. He got a place in Mahabharata because of his works. Till the war in the Mahabharata, Shakuni Mama went on a trick to destroy the Pandavas and her trick was largely successful. These devious moves in the Mahabharata resulted in turmoil in the lives of Pandavas and eventually war. Today we are going to tell you the secrets of the mysterious dice of Shakuni Mama who started the Mahabharata.

Shakuni’s family: King of Gandhara, Subal was Shakuni’s father. Shakuni was the younger brother of Gandhari and ever since he was born, he was the master of prodigious intelligence. King Subal liked to be like this.

The secret of Shakuni’s dice- He heard the dice that Shakuni Mama had in the Mahabharata. This was the backbone of Shakuni’s deceased father. When his father died, Shakuni kept some of his bones with him. After that once Shakuni was fascinated on gambling. He was very smart at gambling and because of this he made dice from his father’s bones. Only Shakuni heard these dice. The dice ran according to his orders. Shakuni was given this command by her father. His father said to him, “After I die, make dice from my bones, these dice will always follow you. No one will beat you in gambling.” Shakuni obeyed this command and thus never lost in gambling.

Another story of Shakuni’s dice- It is also said that Shakuni’s dice has a sense. He was alive who used to fall towards Shakuni’s feet whenever he fell. The dice always had 6 marks and Shakuni knew it well. Whenever gambling was done, Shakuni used to say only 6 points because he knew that 6 points would come. Apart from Shakuni, this secret was known by his younger brother, whose name was Matkuni. He knew that there was a living creature in the dice.



Another story of Shakuni’s dice – It is also prevalent that Shakuni’s dice was made of ivory. Shakuni Maya used hypnosis very well and that was the reason that whenever he gambled, he used to turn dice points with his hypnotic power. He used to get dice in his favor and that’s why he won in gambling. When the gamble was played in the Mahabharata, the dice were in favor of the Pandavas at times, but due to Shakuni’s hypnosis, the Pandavas were stricken and felt the dice were right.

Death of Shakuni Mama- It is told in the Puranas that in the battle of Kurukshetra, Sahadeva gave death sentence to Shakuni Mama. All the brothers of Shakuni were also killed by Arjuna.

Was Shakuni really the villain of Mahabharata- Shakuni is considered the biggest villain of Mahabharata but was he really the villain …? It is said that if someone has hurt you, it is natural to take revenge on him, so Shakuni Mama did the same, was he wrong? Now you can answer this question in the comments and keep your opinion.




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