Rice water is beneficial for health


Rice is easily available in every household. We all know that along with rich protein, rice water is also highly beneficial. Some people use it to eat, to harden clothes. So some people use it to make hair straight and shining as well. Let us tell you the benefits of rice water-

With Turmeric: If you drink turmeric together with rice water, you can avoid infection completely.

With Cumin: In the digestion problem, drinking rice water with cumin seeds is a panacea treatment. Drinking salt and cumin in rice water will completely remove your dizzy problem.

With Ghee: If you want to adopt a domestic recipe for weight gain, then you drink pure ghee mixed with rice water, this will help you a lot in gaining weight.

With banana: A person suffering from diarrhea, eating banana mixed with rice water, has a lot of benefit in the problem of diarrhea.

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