Quick measures to remove period stains from clothes


We have all been there! One day, all of us have woken up to period spots that appear on bedsheets, pajamas, they are seen everywhere only on panties, jeans.

Well, period stains are a part and parcel of menstruation. We all hate it but really can’t do much about it. There are days when the blood flow can get really heavy, leaving your clothes stained.

However, this is not a big deal! Don’t worry about the stains, they can go away if you use the correct cleaning technique. Here are some quick hacks and easy tips that will help you get rid of blood stains.

Wash under cold water
The easiest way to get rid of blood stains is to wash it with cold water. This works best for clothes that are as light as your underwear or shorts. Hold the stained area under running cold water. This will help you to completely wash away the blood stains. If the stain has dried then it may take some time.

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Use lemon juice

Do you know, lemon juice (using lemon peel) can help you remove period stains? Rub some lemon juice on the stain area and allow it to dry naturally. Make sure you use this hack for light colored clothing as you can lose color for darker colors.

Rub a soap
I recently tried this trick and it worked for me. First, I used a tissue dipped in cold water to rub blood stains from the bedsheet. When the stain became lighter, I took a soap strip and gently rubbed it on top of the sheet. I then used a hair dryer, so that it dries with the stain. It really works!

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Use white vinegar

White vinegar is a common kitchen item that can help remove blood stains. Pour some white vinegar directly on the blood stain. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes and then gently rub the stain with a towel. If the blood stain is stubborn, you can repeat the step.

Make a paste using baking soda and talcum powder
Baking soda blood stain

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In a bowl, mix some baking soda and talcum powder. Add a little water to make a paste. Apply this paste on the stained area and rub it. Allow clothes to dry under sunlight. The stain will go naturally or if there is any residue, you can brush it well and get rid of it.

Sprinkle some salt
This is an easy hack to remove blood spots once again. In a bowl, mix some water and salt. Apply this mixture on the blood stain. Gently rub the cloth and allow it to dry naturally.



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