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Washington: A new study has revealed that those taking the modern vaccine reported more side effects than those taking the Pfizer / Bayonet vaccine.

The study analyzed reports collected through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention program, called V-Safe. It is a text message-based program designed to track side effects in vaccine recipients. For the first week after each vaccine dose, people who enroll are asked to fill out a daily survey about any symptoms such as fatigue or hand pain.

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The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, analyzed reports collected through the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) program, called V-Safe, which tracks side effects in vaccine recipients.

A total of 3,643,918 people were enrolled in V-Safe and completed at least one health survey within seven days after their first vaccine dose before 21 February, and 1,920,872 V-safe participants received a second vaccine dose and Reported to have completed at least one daily health survey. Within seven days after the second dose.

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About 70 percent of people said they had some type of injection site reaction, such as pain or swelling, and half had a normal reaction such as fatigue or chills.

Researchers noted, “There is a greater percentage reactogenicity of participants receiving the modern vaccine than the Pfizer-BioNotech vaccine; this pattern was more pronounced after the second dose.”

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Those who received modern shots were more likely to have side effects. 73 percent of people had a reaction to the injection, compared to 65 percent of those who had a Pfizer / Bioentech dose.

About 51 percent of Moderna recipients had full-body symptoms, compared to 48 percent of those who received a Pfizer / BioNT shot.



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