Patients with high blood pressure, blood sugar are at greater risk than corona, know what experts say


Periodontal disease is a group of chronic inflammatory diseases, which involve the soft tissue and bone surrounding the teeth in the jaw, or known as periodontium. Adults with periodontitis, a severe gum infection, may be significantly more likely to have hypertension (BP) than individuals with healthy gums, a new study revealed.

Findings published in the journal Hypertension suggest that the diagnosis of gum disease was associated with higher odds of hypertension, independent of common cardiovascular risk factors. “Gum disease patients often present with high blood pressure, especially when there is active gingivitis, or bleeding from the gums,” said author Eva Mus Aguilera from University College London in the UK.

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“Elevated blood pressure is usually asymptomatic, and many individuals may be unaware that they are at increased risk of cardiovascular complications. We investigated the association between severe periodontitis and hypertension in healthy adults without a confirmed diagnosis of hypertension Aimed to do, ”said Aguera.

Periodontitis is an infection of gingival tissue that gives place to teeth that can cause progressive inflammation, bone or tooth loss. For the study, the team consisted of 250 adults with generalized, severe periodontitis, and a control group of 250 adults who did not have severe gum disease, all who were otherwise healthy and who had no other chronic health conditions. The average age of the participants was 35 years, and 52.6 percent were women. All participants underwent detailed periodontal examinations, including severity of gum disease, such as full-mouth dental plaque, bleeding from the gums, and depth of infected gums. Blood pressure was assessed three times for each participant to ensure accuracy. Researchers said that people with gum disease were twice as likely to have higher systolic blood pressure than those with healthy gums.

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