Nia Sharma shared such a picture that the fans said they were ‘Russian’, Krystal and Ritwik also commented.


Nia Sharma, who is the second most beautiful woman in Asia, proves again and again from her pictures that she has never done any injustice to this title in the last 4 years. Recently, Nia has got her latest photoshoot done, in which Nia is seen very different again. Seeing his pictures, people have even called him Russian. Nia made her Bollywood debut with a traditional show Ek Thousand Me Meri Bahna Hai.

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Nia has not worn any jewelery of any kind despite wearing such a fabulous gown. Nia’s gown consists of a large flower with a pink and white net on her right shoulder, which is easily attention-grabbing. In his hands, he is wearing white gloves, adopting the trends of the 90s. The rest is making them attractive, not wearing their jewelery.

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Dusky Beauty’s makeup has been done according to their dress and skin tone. The nose and cheeks are highlighted. The use of mascara is clearly visible in the eyes. Dark lipshade has been used on the lips. The hair is kept open. When she is running, her whole hair is bouncing, which looks very beautiful.

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Fans said Russian
Nia has no shortage of fans. This gown look of Nia is especially liked by everyone. His photo has also been commented on by his fellow artists Ritwik and Krystal through emoji. At the same time, in many types of comments, one has even said hi to Russians. Now this means that fans have started seeing Nia Russians.



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