Neem will get rid of problems like acne


Neem has many properties that are used in the diagnosis of diseases, as well as it is an important part of cosmetics. Different parts of Neem tree like leaves, bark, fruits, oil etc. are helpful in making our life disease-free. Also, the fighting properties of bacteria present in its leaves help in removing pimples, blisters, itching, eczema etc., so let us know what other diseases we can get rid of through Neem.

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Applying grind of neem oil or leaves to the burnt area provides relief because neem leaves and oil have antiseptic properties. Therefore, there is no fear of tetanus by applying neem oil to the cut area. If you want to enhance your beauty then you use neem, for this you grind neem leaves, bark and fruits in equal quantity, now apply this paste on the skin, it can cure boils and pimples quickly. Huh. let’s go.

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Apart from this, by boiling neem leaves in water and cooling, washing the mouth with that water removes acne. Use of neem is also beneficial in jaundice, drinking juice and honey of neem leaves is very beneficial in jaundice.



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