Narmada Jayanti: Know the love story of Goddess Narmada


Narmada Jayanti is celebrated on the seventh day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Magha. On this day all the devotees worship the Goddess Narmada River. Goddess Narmada is said to bring peace and prosperity in the lives of all. Goddess Narmada vowed to remain a virgin forever. Today, on the occasion of Goddess Narmada Jayanti, we are going to tell you why she took this fast. There is a story behind this which we will tell you today.

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Story- King Mikhal’s daughter Narmada is also known as Reva. King Machal placed a condition for the marriage of Narmada that whoever would bring Gulabkavali flowers could marry his daughter. A prince named Sonbhadra got the opportunity to marry Narmada. Now there was very little time left in the wedding and Princess Narmada sent a message to the prince through her maid Juhila. Narmada has never met Sonbhadra before. Finding the princess’s clothes and jewelery, Juhila goes to meet Sonbhadra.

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Upon reaching there, Juhila does not tell the prince that she was a maid, and Sonbhadra is fascinated by her, considering her a princess. After a long time, when Juhila did not return, Princess Narmada herself went to meet Sonbhadra. But going there he saw that Juhila and Sonbhadra were with each other. Seeing this scene, Narmada became enraged and filled with hatred. After that, she immediately went in the opposite direction and never returned again. Later, Narmada joined the Arabian Sea instead of the Bengal Sea and vowed that she would never marry and remain a virgin. It is said that Sonbhadra regrets his mistake but Narmada never returned. It is said that till today Narmada’s lament and the anguish of her sorrow are heard in the sound of her deception of water.

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