Must include these things in Holi Party, immunity will be strong


From the children at the home to the elders, everyone’s faces blossom happily as soon as the festival of Holi arrives. There is a different situation in the house. Everything is happy, from playing the colors to making different kinds of dishes. But often in this fun situation, they do not pay attention to their food and neglect food. The outbreak of corona crisis is rising once again in the country, so it is necessary to use the same things to keep your health in mind and to keep the immunity of the body healthy.

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Holi festival is specially made. It works by adding four moons to your taste. Milk is prepared by mixing different types of dry fruits. Its intake cools the body, provides energy and can help promote vaccination.

watermelon juice-

Cholesterol remains under control by drinking watermelon juice. Using it in summer does not cause heat etc. Watermelon juice keeps the body hydrated so that there is no shortage of water. Adding watermelon juice to Holi party is a good option. This will maintain your taste as well as health.

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Ripe Gujiya

Khichdi is made and eaten in every house especially on Holi. They are made by deep frying in oil. Therefore, most people avoid eating them. Baked Dolls are the best option. It can be baked in the microwave with your favorite stuffing. This will also keep your taste and health will be better.

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Dry Fruit Dessert-

It is believed that even more sweet food is harmful to health without sweets. Use of sweets made from dry fruits is good for health. It has the energy of both dry fruits and the sweetness of jaggery so that the sweet is delicious as well as healthy.



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