Moonwalk the boy after getting out of the car at red light, will see as if the wheel is on the feet


There is definitely some talent inside everyone in the world. Then, whether someone is poor or rich, there is definitely some such talent that makes them different from others. Something similar was seen in a video going viral on social media these days. In this video, a boy is seen doing a moonwalk at a red light very comfortably. Her moonwalk dance is very much liked by the people. This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

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This video has been shared by David Herrmann on social media. In this viral video, a boy can be seen doing a wonderful moonwalk. People are enjoying this video very much. In the video, you see how the boy stops the car at the red light and starts getting out of the car to the moonwalk. He is doing a moonwalk in such a way that by looking at him, it looks as if his feet have wheels.

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This video has been viewed more than 70 lakh times so far. This video is shared by Kamil Szpejenkowski on Tiktok. People are also commenting fiercely on the video and are also praising the boy fiercely. This boy’s dance has won the hearts of the people. People are surprised to see the dance, how does this boy perform such a great dance.

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