Make Mango Malpua at home with these four simple steps


The mango season is going on and sweet and fresh mangoes can be easily seen in the market. Everyone knows that mango is called the king of fruits and this fruit is favorite of almost everyone. Today we are going to tell you about Mango Dish. The name of this recipe is ‘Mango Malpua’. Today we are going to tell you about the recipe of Mango Malpua. So let us know the simple method of making Mango Malpua at home.

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Mango Malpua Making Materials

Wheat flour – 1 cup

Mango – 2 pieces

Milk – 1/2 cup

Honey – 2 teaspoons

Ghee – 1/2 cup

Sugar – 1/2 cup

Finely chopped coconut – 2 tablespoons

Cardamom Powder – 1/2 teaspoon

Finely chop the almonds and cashews

You can make this recipe in only four simple steps….

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So let’s know how to make Mango Malpua …

First step

First you mix wheat flour and milk in a vessel and keep it aside for an hour.

second step

In the second stage, you have to add mango pulp, honey, finely chopped coconut, sugar and cardamom powder to it. To thicken it, add some water and stir well.

third step

After this, heat the ghee in a pan on low heat. When the ghee gets hot, start pouring the batter over the pan. Next, allow the batter to cook well. Let both sides be well red. When it is well prepared, take it out.

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Fourth stage

Now in the last step, place the Malpua in a plate and serve with almonds, pistachios and raisins. Rabri can also be mixed with it.



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