Make every dish tasty with these small tips, it will be easy to cook


The slightest mistake in making a dish in the kitchen spoils the whole taste. In such a situation, water is lost again on all hard work. But if you want your food to taste everything, then it can be improved. What to do if the chilli gets too much in the vegetable. Or if there is a burning sensation in the hands by cutting more chillies, what to apply. So let’s learn such small tips. Who will help you.

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If the sharpness of chilli in the vegetable has increased by mistake, then add boiled potato to the vegetable. Boiled potatoes will quickly absorb the sharpness of the vegetable. Apart from this, you can also add cream or cream to the vegetable. Or by adding curd, the sharpness of the vegetable can be reduced.

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Everyone likes Besan’s Laddus. If you are going to make Besan Laddus at home, first of all, roast the Besan very slowly. Also, do not fall into the kernels, keep stirring it continuously with a spoon.
If you are going to make sweet dishes and for this you have to prepare sugar syrup, then the vessel in which sugar syrup is to be made. Apply oil or ghee around it. So that the sides of the pot become smooth. By doing this, the sugar syrup will not stick around the vessel and will easily get out.

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