‘Maa Bhavani’ gave this order by giving a darshan to the priest, since then the lamp burns here with water

New Delhi: India is a country full of beliefs and various mysteries. Every half kilometer you will find Dharamshala and every Dharamasthala has its own story. At the same time, some temples in our country are so mysterious that even today there is no information about their secrets. Today we are going to tell you about one such temple, which is located in Madhya Pradesh. This temple is famous for amazing wonders all over the country. The temple of Mata ji at Gadia Ghat in Madhya Pradesh is one such temple where lamps are lit with water. People here believe that a lamp of water is lit in the temple for the last 50 years. Till date, many scientists have tried to understand the secret of this temple, but none were successful.

This temple is located near Gadia village, about 15 km from Nalkheda village under Agar-Malwa district, situated on the banks of river Kali Sindh in Madhya Pradesh. This temple is known as Gadiaghat Vali Mataji. According to the temple priest, earlier this temple always lit oil lamps, but about five years ago, Matarani appeared to him and asked him to light the lamp with water. Believing that the order of Matarani, the priest woke up in the morning when he watered and poured into the lamp from the flowing Kali Sindh river. After pouring water into the lamp, the flame lit as soon as the burning match was taken near the flame. Seeing this, the priests restrained themselves and for about two months they did not tell anyone anything about it. Later, when he told some villagers about this, he too was not convinced at first, but when he also tried to burn the flame by pouring water into the lamp, the flame burned.



After this it is said that this miracle spread like fire in the whole village. Since then till this day, the flame of Kali Sindh river is lit in this temple. It is said that when water is poured into a lamp, it turns into viscous fluid and the flame rises. According to local residents, however, this water does not burn during the rainy season. Because in the rainy season, due to the rising water level of Kali Sindh river, this temple is submerged in water, due to which it is not possible to worship here. But with Ghatasthapana on the first day of Sharadiya Navratri, Jyot is lit again, which keeps on burning till the rainy season next year.




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