Let’s know about the many benefits of eating hot food.


Many times we do not eat hot food in a hurry and go on eating whatever you get, but it causes you immense loss, which you do not even know about. | Food heated in the oven is also very bad. Benefits of eating hot food –

One of the biggest and important benefits of eating hot food is taste. When you eat very cold food, everything tastes the same and you do not feel the different taste of any thing like lentil vegetable, therefore food should always be eaten very hot.

It has been said in our Veda Purano that eating hot food makes our body feel full and in eating hot all the nutrients are fully active, so that their communication takes place in the whole body.

You will generally see that if your digestion is very weak, then the doctor fully recommends eating hot boiled food, because of which it is very easy to digest and after digestion is properly soluble in the body.

There is a lot of purity in eating hot, that is, when the food is very hot, it does not completely accumulate any kind of bacteria and other harmful bacteria in it, which does not cause any harm to us and there are no complaints like vomiting and we are very healthy Live

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