Know why your brother is tempted to eat chocolate and chips again and again? The body wants to say


Sometimes our test buds become very stubborn. We suddenly have a desire to eat chocolate, chips or foreign things. Big or child, it can happen to anyone. Actually it is not just desires but through them the body tries to say a lot to us which we probably do not understand. In such a situation, it is very important that we understand what the body is telling us about the requirements.

Need magnesium
According to Australian Nutrition Experts Alyssa and Denny, when our body needs magnesium, the body suddenly begins to have a desire to eat chocolate. Magnesium is very essential because the sugar level and blood pressure of the body are balanced. To make up its deficiency, dry fruits, fruits can be eaten.

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Chloride-silicon deficiency
Experts have told about the lack of body in the subject of such sudden desire to eat and suggested healthy options for its fulfillment. Just like if there is a lack of chloride-silicon in the body if you want to eat chips, if you feel like sweet, then it is necessary to take chromium-phosphorus. There are many healthy options for these as well.

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Complete the deficiency of chromium and phosphorus in this way
Sometimes suddenly there is a great desire to eat sweet pills, soft drinks and sweet dishes, then it means that the body is in need of chromium, tryptophane and phosphorus. To accomplish this, you can eat grapes, sweet potatoes and cheese. Nuts, dark green vegetables and sprouted whole grains can also overcome the deficiency of these elements. Chromium provides energy to the muscles and brain.

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Take it instead of external things
If suddenly you also feel like eating bread and pasta, then your body is indicating that it needs protein and nitrogen. In such a situation you can consume beans instead of eating unhealthy. These can also be served with pulses, chia seeds and fish. If you feel like eating fried food again and again, it can also be a sign of calcium deficiency. For this, you can consume cheese and milk.



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