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Know why 40 days fasting is kept in Christian society, this is the reason for putting ashes

Universal Christians today (Ash Wednesday) observe the beginning of their season of Lent (fasting 40 days) before Easter. It is a movable feast, falling on a different date every year as it depends on the date of Easter.

Traditionally, fasting or fasting is associated with “giving things” and “giving to the needy”. As non-traditional Christians, Lent is being rediscovered by us fueling the desire of a forty-day journey across the cosmic desert to follow Jesus Christ, focusing on the deepest longings of our hearts to know Him but In order to address our foolishness and closure, many times sinners compromise with us which gives us happiness.

When we pray in the church, we open the season of lacquer by believers putting ashes on their foreheads, “Get away from sin and believe the gospel.” To push the ashes on our foreheads is to embrace a serious truth about our borders. We are made of dust, we all arrive here from the same humble beginnings. Nobody came between us other than the worldly design of human birth. And in the dust we shall return – We are mortal.

It reminds us that without God, nothing is of value. Without God, we are nothing. With God, everything is beautiful, or with God, everything is possible. God has become like us so that we too can become like him.

According to the scriptures, Jesus fasted 40 days in the desert before the beginning of his public ministry, during which he tempted the devil. Ash Wednesday begins this 40-day doomsday of prayer and fasting. Ash Wednesday derives its name from the practice of placing ashes on the foreheads of followers as a symbol of mourning and remorse for God. The ashes on our forehead remind us of the temporality of all things and all people.



Ash Wednesday is an opportunity for Christians to come together in many traditions and recognize our need for Jesus. It reminds us that our time, talent and treasure were temporarily entrusted to us by God. The earth and its perfection belong to the Lord, says Psalm 241. Everything is grace You have done nothing to be a child of God. None of us are self-made. When God created us, he looked at us and we loved it.

We are each subject to human constraints of death, weakness, sin, shame and pain. The ashes remind us that we are fleeting of flowers in a field, are here today and gone tomorrow. Perhaps, we think, we can reduce our weakness. Or maybe we can only stay out of our strengths, thus avoiding the need to demonstrate our weaknesses to others.

Therefore, here is the hope and prayer that these 40 days will bring us closer to God, help us recognize and transform our sinful ways, and prepare us for the great and glorious resurrection of our Lord.




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