Know the important benefits of cardamom


Cardamom is used in every Indian kitchen. Most people use it in food and to enhance the taste of tea. Do you know that cardamom is also very beneficial for our health? With its use you can get rid of many health problems.

1- Many people have bad breath problem even after brushing. Many types of mouth fresheners are also used to overcome the problem of bad breath but to no avail. If you want to remove the smell of your breath, eat cardamom after eating food every day. By doing this, the smell coming from your breath will be removed.

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2- Green cardamom is also very beneficial for the stomach. Nowadays most people are troubled by the problem of weak digestive system. Weak digestive system is also prone to other stomach related problems. In such a situation, eat cardamom daily to stay healthy and the properties found in cardamom relieve stomach problems and make the digestive system strong.

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3- If there is a sore throat, eat green cardamom, a piece of ginger, cloves and three-four basil leaves in a glass of warm water. By doing this, the sore throat will be removed.



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