Know the health benefits of consuming guava leaves


Guava is a very sweet fruit. Apart from being delicious, it is also very beneficial for health. Guava leaves along with guava are also very beneficial for health. Guava leaves are beneficial for stomach related diseases.

Benefits of Guava leaves –

1-In diabetes, make a decoction of guava leaves and drink it. It controls glucose due to it having too much insulin.

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2- If the gums are swollen or have mouth ulcers, chewing guava leaves helps to cure it.

3-Guava leaves are very beneficial for the problem of high blood pressure. If water is consumed by boiling guava leaves on an empty stomach in the morning, then the problem of high blood pressure disappears.

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4- Often, there are bugs in the stomach of children. In the case of stomach worms, chewing guava leaves destroys stomach worms that damage the body.

5 – They are found in plenty of antioxidants and lycopene, due to which they help us in fighting cancer disease.



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