Kareena Kapoor wearing a mask of 26028 – ‘Don’t wear Propaganda, wear a mask’


Kareena Kapoor Khan is an excellent actress and is loved by all. The same Kareena became the mother of another child in the past and that is why she also remained in the headlines. By the way, nowadays she is also going to the gym to control her weight. Kareena will soon be seen opposite Aamir Khan in Lal Singh Chadha. In the midst of all this, Kareena has shared a look of hers, which has a black masked face.

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By applying this mask, she is giving a message to stay away from Kovid-19. These days Corona is once again at its peak in Mumbai and so many film stars have become Corona positive. Seeing all this, Kareena has appealed to apply a mask. You can see that she shared this picture on her Instagram account and wrote in the caption, ‘No propaganda, you wear your mask’. The black mask Kareena has applied in this post is Louise Witten’s face mask.

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You can see that Kareena’s Louise Viton mask is very simple, the brand name is embossed in white. Although this simple mask comes in a silk pouch, it is very expensive. The luxury brand of the mask is priced at $ 355 on its official website. This means 26,028 rupees. The most surprising thing is that despite being so expensive, this mask is not currently available on the website. It is out of stock. Now if you want to buy this mask too, then you have to wait.

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