Kabir’s Amrit Vani in the sea of ​​sand


In the famous Maru Mahotsav held in the frontier Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, groups of renowned artists have mesmerized people with their many famous performances, including Kabir Amrit Vani, in the sandy dunes of Khudi in full moonlight. By late Friday night, cultural festivities decorated on the sandy streets of Khurdi. In Poonam’s full youth, Darsarthe Chand’s witness, more than one group of famous artists tied their performances in the sand dunes. During this time, after finding the melodious accompaniment of the folk instruments, the great falls of Kabir’s voice continued to flow continuously and he was relieved to experience fun and freshness by diving into the ocean of rasik bliss. Indie Music – Band Kabir Cafe founder and well-known singer Nirav Arya and fellow artists gave the heights to the atmosphere by presenting Kabir’s voice in rhythm and tannum with the accompaniment of folk instruments. The unmistakable singing of Vani, revealing the ultimate truth of Kabir’s life and world, forced him to dive into the spiritual and moral seas.

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During this time, especially in the mind of the heart of the mind, in the sleep of the Chaurasi, my Satguru was awakened, do not think that Maya was ejected, Chadariya Jhini Re Jhini, Man Lago Mero Yar Fakiri etc. Under the Rajasthan Josh program presented by the camp development organization with the untangled band, Chooge Khan and his team of artists made a big difference by presenting Sufi Folk Fusion. Traditional Manganiyar folk artists of Khudi and Jaisalmer, including Gafur Khan, Thanu Khan, about five dozen folk artists enthralled the people by presenting the maand singing ‘Kesariya Balam Aavo Ni Padhar Mharo Des’ in collaboration with Khuhari Band.

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Apart from this, the Bhavai dance of Cheloram and Patir and the Kalbeliya dance presented by Dilip Khan and Patir made the rasikas enjoyable. Folk cultural productions of Kutle Khan and Parti, Chari dance of Salim and Parti captivated. The guests were overwhelmed by the arrival of the guests coming from outside, by the melodious waves of drums and folk instruments, and the arrangement to bring them from the camels and camels carts, decorated at the venue between the welcome and the sandy thorns of the khudi. done.

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