If you want to stay healthy with longevity, then calm down your anger before sleeping


It is often said that anger should be curbed and people should be forgiven if possible, it was believed that this infused positive powers in you. However, now a recent research has claimed that there are many benefits of doing this and it is being linked to longevity. American scientists have described the secret of longevity and well-being. Scientists say, end your anger before going to sleep at night. After forgetting the quarrel and sleeping after calming the mind, the life is long and the person remains healthy. This claim has been made by the scientists of Oregon State University in the US in their recent research.

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Elderly lead in forgetting negative things

– This research was done on 2,022 people. It included people between the ages of 33 and 84 years.

For 8 days, every person was asked about his feeling and experience.

– The team of researchers found that on average 45 years of age, the elderly try to forget the negative things as soon as possible.

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It is very important to reduce tension

Robert Tavaski says, every human being has to face stress at some time, it cannot be stopped completely.

According to him, but it can be tried to reduce it to some extent.

Try these remedies to calm anger and sleep well

Along with exercise and yoga, practice Pranayama means breathing exercises.

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To calm the anger, sit down for a while, count down.

Movies play a very important role in changing our mood, so it would be better to watch a comedy movie, but do not wake up late in the night to finish it all at once.

Drink a glass of lukewarm milk before bedtime.



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