If you are going to Jaipur, then definitely visit these five places, the architecture is very spectacular


Whenever people plan to visit or prepare a list of places to visit, Jaipur is definitely included in the list of most people. Popularly known as Pink City, Jaipur attracts a large number of tourists to visit every year. You can see many palaces, old buildings etc. in Jaipur. But we have brought some such things here for you, which you must see. The architecture of these places makes everyone crazy. So let’s know about these places.

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Arjun Statue
Arjun Statue is built in the Man Singh Stadium of Jaipur, which is the highest statue in Jaipur. Its height is 55 feet and it is visited by the tourists who come here. Its architecture is very magnificent and attracts people towards it.

World Trade Park
If you have gone to the mall, then you can think of World Trade Park as something similar. Actually, it is a shopping center, which is designed according to modern architecture. This World Trade Park makes you feel abroad. It also has cinema halls, showrooms and restaurants of many big brands. People coming to Jaipur definitely reach here.

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Jawahar Arts Center
If you have visited Jaipur, then you must visit Jawahar Kala Kendra. It was built in the year 1991, with a glimpse of the Modern Architect. This is the art center and people like this place very much.

Raj Mandir Cinema Hall
The most famous cinema hall of Jaipur is the Raj Mandir Cinema Hall, which was opened in the year 1976. The architect of this cinema hall is amazing and attracts everyone. People are surprised to see its texture and people also click photos at this place.

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Shree Cement Building
This Shree Cement Building is decorated with ALED and its architect is amazing as well. Not only this, this building is also known as 72 Screen Building.



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