Holi Special: If you are going to drink cannabis today, then first of all you have to read the remedies to get rid of intoxication


Holi festival is being celebrated with great pomp today. In such a situation, people are desperate to drink cannabis today. Today everyone is celebrating Holi with great pomp and drinking cannabis. Today people are shaking each other’s hands and hugging. Today people are drinking cannabis fiercely. Although drinking cannabis is considered very harmful, people consume it on the day of Holi. Let me tell you that the intoxication of cannabis is very fast, but today we are going to tell you the ways to get rid of its intoxication.

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Lukewarm mustard oil- This oil can be used to remove cannabis addiction. If you want to get rid of cannabis, then heat mustard oil lightly and add 1-2 drops of this oil in lukewarm oil to the affected person’s ear. By doing this the person will be alert.

Ginger- Ginger can also be used to cure cannabis. In fact, if someone had smoked cannabis, give a piece of ginger to suck. By doing this, their intoxication can be eradicated gradually.

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Sour things- If the intoxication of cannabis is very severe, then you should eat or drink sour things because it proves to be very beneficial. By doing this, the intoxication of cannabis quickly subsides. It is said that antioxidants are present in sour things, which removes the effects of cannabis in the body.

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Coconut water- If you have thought about intoxicating cannabis, keep coconut water ready because drinking it immediately ends the intoxication of cannabis.



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