Green coriander has many benefits, relieving problems like kidney


In today’s time, every person is facing some health related timelines, in such a situation, they use a lot of medicines to stay healthy, but do you know that there are some things that are used in our house Huh. We can treat minor diseases, coriander leaves are used in every household, but do you know that using coriander leaves can also keep your body healthy, let’s know how.

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1- If you have stones problem, to get rid of it, take a little water in a vessel and keep it on the gas, when it starts boiling, add green coriander leaves and then boil it well, when it starts boiling If it boils, filters it and cools it, then drink this water regularly on an empty stomach in the morning, drinking this water regularly removes stones through the urine.

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2- Green coriander is also very beneficial for all the stomach to get rid of stomach problems, take water in a vessel and keep it on gas and then add cumin and coriander leaves to it. When it starts boiling, add tea leaf and fennel in it and let it boil for a while, now add a little ginger to it, now filter it and drink it cold, doing so gets rid of gas and improves digestive system it happens.

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