Give teddy bear by color to express heart’s desires


The month of February has started. This month is called the month of love. Love rains in this month. In fact, Valentine’s Day is celebrated this month. Before celebrating this day, the whole week comes, which is called Valentine’s Week. The fourth day of this week is tomorrow. On February 10, the fourth day of this week is celebrated, known as Teddy Day. On this day people gift teddy of different size and color to their partner. Different messages of Teddy are hidden in different messages, which we are going to tell you today. Before giving a teddy to anyone, you have to know the meaning of its color, only then you can make the person in front happy. First Rose Day, then Propose Day, followed by Chocolate Day and then the number comes of Teddy Day. So let us now know what message is hidden in the color of teddy bear.

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Blue Teddy – Blue Teddy means that you truly love your partner. By the way, it is said that because the color of sky and sea is also blue, which symbolizes depth, truth, honesty, sharpness, faith and stability.

Green Teddy – This teddy gets a message that ‘I am waiting for you’ means I am waiting for you. Actually, green color is considered a symbol of growth, freshness and energy.

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Red Teddy – Red color has always been the color of love and attraction. By the way, if you are giving a red teddy to someone, it means that you are attracted to them or you love them.

Black Teddy – Black does not mean color, it indicates denial. If you have proposed someone and they do not approve your proposal, they can gift you a black teddy.

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Pink Teddy – Giving pink teddy means you want to date the person in front.



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