Get coffee facial to get instant glow on face, know what is the right way


Many times it happens that even after following the skin care routine, your skin starts to lose its beauty. You try many creams to bring back your face, but still your face does not look as glowy as before. If you have a similar problem, then today we are telling you such a tremendous natural facial, coffee facial will cure many of your skin problems to a great extent at once.

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Coffee Nutrients
Chlorogenic acid is found in coffee, which speeds up the process of weight loss. It slows down the production of glucose in the body. If diabetes patients drink black coffee without adding sugar, it helps to reduce the level of glucose in the blood.
How to make coffee facials
Take 1 teaspoon of coffee powder in a bowl. Now add a little rice flour to it. You can buy rice flour from the market. If you want, you can also make rice by grinding it. Now add 2 teaspoons raw milk, one teaspoon lemon juice and one teaspoon honey. Mix all these ingredients well and scrub on face and neck. Massage by scrubbing at the pressure point of the face for about 10 minutes. Now wash the face with plain water. You can also use the remaining ingredients as a face pack. Apply the remaining material as a face pack on the face and after drying, wash it with water. By applying this pack 4 days a week, your face will blossom completely.

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Advantages of
Coffee has anti-aging properties, which removes problems like wrinkles, black patches on the face before age. It also has bleaching property, which removes dead skin from the face and makes it glowing.



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