Follow these basic tips to make raita more delicious


Raita enhances the taste of food. Apart from this, if you do not want to eat vegetables, you can also enjoy roti with raita. Some tips should be taken care of to make raita tasty. Come, know how to make raita-

-Add salt to the state immediately before serving. Adding salt beforehand will spoil the taste of raita.

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-Rayata not only works to keep the stomach cool during the summer season, but it also contains very small amount of calories and fat. That is, even if you eat raita every day, there will be no risk of weight gain.

– State is an excellent source of protein and calcium. Protein is the basis of our body, while calcium makes bones and teeth strong.

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-Often during the summer season our digestion capacity becomes weak. This problem can be overcome by regular intake of raita. Raita not only digests food easily but also makes our digestive system strong.

By eating food, the body’s immunity is strengthened, that means if you make it part of your diet regularly during the summer season, then the possibility of heat stroke will be reduced significantly.

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According to many researches, intake of yogurt based foods reduces bad cholesterol in the body.



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